6 Benefits of Natural Foods Including Non-GMO Nutrition Bars

by Robb Dorf on May 31, 2018

6 Benefits of Natural Foods Including Non-GMO Nutrition Bars

Genetically Modified Organisms, otherwise called GMOs, are plants or animals that have had their structural DNA changed via the process of genetic engineering. Genetic Engineering, otherwise called Gene Technology, enables transference of individual genes from one species to another.

Genetic modification has been used for many different commercial purposes, particularly in the case of food, including enhancing resistance to disease, improving levels of nutrition, increasing crop yields, or to create specific desired traits in the species. GMO foods, however, are not without controversy. More specifically, are GMOs safe?

GMO foods have been linked to a whole host of disease conditions including organ damage, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, as well as cancer, amongst many others. They are also linked to a higher presence of toxic pesticides and chemicals. With the increasing interest in natural foods and healthy living, non-GMO foods have gained traction as the preferred alternative. Here are 6 benefits that can be gained from eating such foods including non-GMO nutrition bars.

Freedom from Toxic Chemicals

Genetically Modified Foods are grown using synthetic or chemical fertilizers, herbicides, as well as pesticides, the residues of which inherently reside in the food regardless of the amount of washing on the outside. Many people who opt for organic, naturally grown foods, find that many symptoms of ill health start to subside or disappear soon afterward as a result of no longer consuming GMO foods.

Freedom from Antibiotics and Growth Hormones

Non-GMO animal foods have not been injected with an array of antibiotics or growth hormones, which can otherwise wreak havoc on the human body. The use of antibiotics can create bacteria resistant strains, reducing the overall immunity of the body and increased susceptibility to disease.

Fresher Foods

Genetically Modified Foods are engineered using chemical preservatives to make them last longer which means that your food isn’t necessarily as fresh as it looks. Foods are beneficial to the body only so long as they are farm fresh. Any later, and the potency of nutrients start to progressively dissipate.

Better for the Environment

GMO foods are grown in a chemical rich environment which over a period of time not only causes soil erosion and infertility but also increases pollution and makes use of considerably more energy, which causes a strain on the earth’s natural resources.

Richer in Certain Nutrients

Organically grown non-GMO foods are found to be richer in nutrients such as omega fatty acids as well as several vital vitamins and minerals.

Are 100% Natural

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when it comes to non-GMO foods is quite simply that they are 100% natural, especially when grown organically using natural methods of cultivation. When food is natural, it supports healthy living and sustainability aside from increasing the overall quality of life. Non–GMO foods are free from chemicals, preservatives or toxins that can potentially be life-threatening for the body over the long term.

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