Protein and Oats in Your Diet

by Robb Dorf on Mar 04, 2018

Protein and Oats in Your Diet

A portion-controlled diet that includes protein and oats can help you stay fit and shed pounds more easily. You can use protein and oats to create meals that help to fill your stomach and are easy to prepare (if you’re doing it at home), or purchase (if you’re short on time). There are different options to choose from to supplement your diet plan, depending on your preferences and goals – including nutrition bars, soups, and shakes.

Protein Benefits

Protein is one of three macronutrients (the others being carbohydrate and fat) that every human being should have in their daily diet in the recommended amount. It is important to note that protein requirements vary depending on gender, nutrition and weight goals, and activity levels.

If you want to make your own healthy protein shake, you can consider putting together the following components. Sample suggestions for each are given alongside.

  • liquid base: coconut water or soy milk
  • protein source: protein powder or natural sources such as Greek yogurt
  • a fruit: raspberry, banana, orange, berries, pear, the list goes on
  • a grain you can use as a protein booster: think chia seeds, oats, flax seeds
  • sweetening: agave, white chocolate

Oats are Heart Healthy

Oats are low in fat and rich in fiber. Whatever little fat they have are mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. The fiber content helps minimize the possibility of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and constipation. The best part about this miracle food is that it is quick to cook (about 4 minutes in the microwave).

A 2013 journal containing research from Taiwanese scientists came to the conclusion that the addition of oats to the daily diet of overweight subjects for a 12 week period caused weight loss and a better waist-to-hip ratio and body composition than was there prior to the study.

For a homemade oats-based meal, you could incorporate ingredients like non-fat milk or non-fat Greek yogurt, flax seeds, nut butter, and/or fruit. You could alternatively opt for a savory topping with vegetables of your choice. Oats, when included in your breakfast, are also a healthy way to start the day.

It is important that you keep in mind the calorie content of the protein or oats meal that you are using.

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