Kosher Nutrition Bars – What Kosher Food Labels Mean

by Robb Dorf on Aug 01, 2018

Kosher Nutrition Bars – What Kosher Food Labels Mean

The Kosher Diet is less of a formal diet and more of a lifestyle based on what is considered to be a proper cooking, inspection, and eating of food. While the Kosher diet is traditionally associated with the Orthodox Jewish community, there is a much larger following among regular people who are simply interested in healthier eating habits.

What Does “Kosher” Mean?

“Kosher” is derived from the Hebrew word “Kasher”, which means proper or lawful. Kosher means “clean” or “pure” and the Kosher diet refers to the daily meals that are prepared and eaten according to specific rituals that are part of the Jewish religion.

Basic Principles of the Kosher Diet

The preparation and consumption of Kosher foods are governed by specific rules and regulations. Kosher foods must be prepared according to kashrut, Jewish dietary laws, and supervised by a certifying organization and Rabbi. One of the things that at Kosher certification ensures is that, during processing, no meat and dairy products have intermingled.

Meat and Dairy Do Not Mix, Even in Utensils

While fish may be consumed with dairy, the Torah has strictly forbidden the consumption of meat and dairy together. Poultry and milk may also not be eaten together. The law extends to the usage of utensils as well. Utensils that have been used for cooking or eating meat products may not be used for the purpose of cooking or eating dairy.

Kosher Food Label Symbols

The “U” or “K” Symbol

When you see a “U” or “K” symbol on a product, this indicates that it is certified as kosher. However, these symbols do not always mean that the food is vegan since animal products can also be labeled as kosher.

Kosher Parve

The term “Kosher parve” means that the food does not include dairy or meat ingredients. PureFit Nutrition Bars are vegan and they are also Kosher nutrition bars and fall under this category and use this symbol.

However, certain foods, such as eggs and fish are considered to be parve. Therefore, some foods that are marked as “kosher parve” may contain these ingredients.

The “D” Symbol

A food with a “D” symbol is considered to be “kosher dairy”. This means that it is certified as kosher but contains dairy products or derivatives.

The “DE” Symbol

The “DE” symbol means that the food does not contain dairy products in it but was made using equipment that is also used to make products that contain dairy.

Although foods with the “DE” symbol do not contain dairy, they are considered to be “kosher dairy”. This is because they use equipment that is also used to make foods that contain dairy, even though the equipment is cleaned before each run.

The Kosher Diet is considered to be a healthy way to eat. Where it scores especially highly is in its strict standards of hygiene and safety. Plus, as a consumer, you have the benefit of knowing what you are eating and how the food has been prepared.

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