9 Ways to Stay Cool During Hot Nights – by PureFit, Nutrition Bars

by Robb Dorf on Jul 31, 2018

9 Ways to Stay Cool During Hot Nights – by PureFit, Nutrition Bars

Trying to sleep at night when it’s hot outside and there’s a limited or no cooling system can be a super frustrating experience. Tossing and turning in your bed is enough to wreck your best-laid plans for a good nights’ sleep. Here are 9 ways to stay cool during hot nights without breaking a sweat.

Wear the Right Fabric

Choose light-weight cotton fabrics as your first choice for summer sleepwear. Cotton is an all-natural fabric and allows air to move freely within it, making it more cooling to the body than some other fabric choices. Avoid fabrics like silk, polyester, rayon, or satin, as these can make you feel warmer.

Be Shady

Resist the urge to keep your shades and blinders drawn open during the day, especially in rooms that you are not using much. The warmth from the sun gets absorbed by the room, which means that by night time, it’s unnecessarily hotter than it needs to be.


Prepare yourself for your long, hot summer nights by staying hydrated throughout the day. Consume natural fruit juices or fruits/vegetables with high water content such as watermelons or cucumbers. Drink cold water a few hours before bedtime to help you to stay cool. This will prevent discomfort from losing water through sweating.

To maintain your energy in hot weather, it also helps to eat light. PureFit Nutrition Bars are a great option for this.

D-I-Y Air-Conditioning

Here’s how you can make your own room AC from scratch using simple raw materials. Top up a pan or shallow bowl with ice cubes and position it in front of a table fan. Aim the fan in your direction so that you can benefit from the cool air bouncing off the ice cubes.

No Snuggling

If you’re a natural born cuddler, this tip can seem harsh. If you’re snuggling, it makes it harder to stay cool. Sleep with enough space to stretch out in order to expose as much of your body to air circulation as possible.

Consider Using a Hammock

When things get hot, think about sleeping in a hammock as an alternative to the mattress. Hammocks allow you to have an even air circulation from all sides, which helps you to stay cool. A mattress, on the other hand, absorbs your body heat and transfers it back to you.

Switch Off

Switch off lights, computers, and any other electrical equipment as far in advance as possible before sleeping. These devices generate heat in the form of radiation which adds to the temperature of the room.

Location is Everything

Certain locations in your apartment or house can be cooler than others. Test locations to see which work the best for you. The lower floors are usually cooler in a house. Rooms that are more towards the inside of the house, as opposed to being exposed to windows or direct sunlight, can also be cooler.

Ancient Egyptian Trick

A neat trick attributed to the ancient Egyptians is the usage of cold wet sheets. Dip your bedsheet in cold water and cover yourself when you’re going to sleep. The trick will work effectively as long as there’s adequate air circulation, so keep your windows open. Another option is to hang a wet sheet in front of an open window to create the same effect.

Remember that eating small portions throughout the day will also help you to stay comfortable during hot nights. Try light meals and snacks such as PureFit Nutrition Bars.