5 Tips to Help You Get in Shape and How High-Protein Nutrition Bars Can Help

by Robb Dorf on Jun 29, 2018

5 Tips to Help You Get in Shape and How High-Protein Nutrition Bars Can Help

With so many sources of weight loss tips and diet plans out there, it can be challenging to cut through the hype and identify the legitimate hacks that actually work. There is no such thing as instant weight loss, but the good news is that if you lose weight following the no-nonsense weight loss tips we provide, your weight loss will be sustainable over the long term. And, as a bonus, you will feel twice as energetic too.

1. Carbs are Not the Enemy

No-carb diets have a lot of fans, simply because they seem to deliver visible results in shorter periods of time. However, the simple truth is, you will lose weight when you eat fewer calories than what you need to maintain your weight. A no-carb diet simply means that you are likely to consume a lesser number of calories on average.

It is entirely possible to have weight loss without sacrificing your favorite carbs. It’s just prudent to use the carbs that are beneficial, as opposed to the ones that are not, and in smaller proportions. Stick to whole grain carb sources and avoid consuming too much sugar.

2. Optimum Food Combinations for Curbing Hunger

One of the main reasons why diet plans are difficult to maintain over the long term is the inability to control cravings. A good way to control your cravings is to space out your meals throughout the day in a way that works with your body’s natural digestive cycles. For example, if you need food 4 times a day (3 main meals and 1 snack), then follow that routine.

Deprivation can cause you to go overboard when eating at your next meal. Certain combinations of foods can also leave you feeling fuller longer. Every meal should have a combination of carbohydrates, fresh vegetables, and protein, for satiety. Protein takes time to digest and break down in the body, which means you will feel satisfied for longer periods of time. High protein nutrition bars can also help you to feel satisfied longer.

3. Exercise is a No-Brainer

Exercise is crucial to ensuring you accomplish the fitness goals that you want. Healthy eating can help prevent additional weight gain. But on its own, it may not be enough to reduce body fat. The best exercises for weight loss are cardiovascular, which makes your heart work harder. Some good options are walking, running and swimming. Aim for at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily, and slowly increase to 45 minutes to 1 hour, for best results. 

Once you start seeing visible results in your body, it’s time to incorporate strength training into your exercise regime. Strength training in the form of dumbbell, barbell, or kettlebell exercises, go a long way to trimming flabby sections of your body and giving you a tighter, more toned physique.

4. Where’s the Water?

One of the single most important things you can do for your body, which takes virtually no effort, is simply drinking more water. Having enough water in your body will keep you feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day. In addition, it helps to remove the toxins and excess fat that is being released during your exercise.

5. Sleep, De-Stress and Unwind

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can cause you to over-eat or impulse eat, and consequently lead to weight gain. Manage stress by maintaining good friendships, following through on a healthy weight loss plan, and having your own interests and hobbies outside of work that make you happy. The more relaxed and happy you are in your skin, the easier it is to lose weight.

If you follow these weight loss tips consistently and conscientiously, there is no reason why you won’t be able to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off.

Eating high protein nutrition bars can help you to manage your weight, and they make a delicious snack too!