About PureFit and Robb Dorf

Dear PureFit enthusiast- I started PureFit in 2001, when in my opinion, the majority of nutrition bars were simply candy bars dressed up to look nutritious. My quest had one simple philosophy, “make the best-tasting, healthiest bars I can, even if the consumer doesn’t know the difference and support as many great organizations as we can.” I’m proud to say that I held true to my commitment. Unfortunately our competitors are still manufacturing bars being sold bars with artificial sweeteners, cheap ingredients, and nutrition facts that are not substantiated. Today PureFit bars are healthier than they ever have been:

  • We use 100% NON GMO ingredients.
  • We are gluten free and will always be the first bar ever marketed as gluten free.
  • We are still 100% lactose free.
  • We buy our NON GMO soy from the United States.
  • We still pack 18 grams of protein
  • We’re still 100% vegan.
  • We’re still kosher but are now certified Pareve.

I truly cannot believe that 14 years later I am still seeing nutrition bars that are chocolate coated, packed with fillers like sugar alcohols, and consumers actually believe it must be healthy because it says “nutrition bar.” Guess what? There is no law or standard that dictates what we are allowed to call healthy or unhealthy. The only way you can be sure a product is healthy is one of the following ways:

1. You buy from ethical companies like PureFit that can document every claim we make.
2. You eat foods that are organic or 100% non-GMO ingredients.

I’m not just fueled by PureFit, but I am motivated to help consumers like you know there is a difference. I’ve never cheapened my product to increase profits. I also know that many of the bars on the market today, that have copied our model, are possible to make because people like me forced the industry to make cleaner, healthier bars. Lastly, we reformulate every few years to make sure we are using the best ingredients possible. I truly appreciate your business. Regardless if you work out a lot like me, and still race, or just appreciate a healthy in-between meal snack, PureFit will be there to help get you through it!


Founder and CEO
[email protected]