About PureFit and Robb Dorf

In 2001, I started PureFit with one goal in mind; make the highest quality protein bars in the world.   In my opinion, not only did we accomplish that, we spawned an entire category of uncoated, high-quality bars.  They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Unfortunately, other manufacturers continue to break the basic principles of sound nutrition. You will find these bars in every grocery store, health food store, convenient store and even your favorite gym.  It’s hard for me to believe this, but unhealthy bars are being launched every day: 

  • Using GMO’s (genetically modified) ingredients.
  • Using artificial sweeteners.
  • Using ingredients loaded with saturated fats.
  • Using ingredients from questionable sources like China.
  • Calling a bar a protein bar even though it has less than 30% of its calories from protein.

I could go on and on, but many of the leading sports nutrition companies in the world are making nothing more than candy bars with protein added.

After 14 years, and literally millions of PureFit bars, it was time to offer another state of the art bar.  Introducing ProLean, the highest quality, high protein, low carb and low sugar, bar ever produced.  How is this possible? Food scientists can now take advantage of a revolutionary ingredient known as a PreBiotic Fiber.  PreBiotic fibers are not digested, add no calories, and are ideal for making low carbohydrate protein bars.  Because of this we, decided to make a bar that would exemplify the PureFit brand, but accommodate those consumers looking for a low-carb, low-sugar option, regardless of their position on soy versus whey.  Unlike the other “low carb” bars on the market, a PureFit bar would have to be the best-in-class.  Introducing ProLean, the highest quality low carbohydrate protein bar on the market.  For now, ProLean is only available on our website or by calling us directly.  It is not available in stores. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply a busy person on the go, PureFit always has, and always will, be there to provide the energy and endurance you need.

Sincerely, robb-dorf

Founder and CEO
[email protected]