PureFit Reviews and Testimonials

"Thanks for what you do to improve the quality of high performance foods!"
Kelly M. Laurel
HQDA, Office of the Surgeon General Congressional Affairs
"I have wanted to email you lately, but have been tied up training late, and all those extra business commitments. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the bars are excellent! I have not seen any bar yet that compares to how you make them. I have researched just about every ingredient in there and I came to the conclusion that for once, someone actually cares about the health of person, versus just trying to make a quick buck. I have zero tolerance for companies who claim to have the best of this or that, but still use unhealthy choices and charge huge money for them. So, thanks for being that person who cares. I believe in your product as the Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, of Nutrition Bars. "
Jim Young
Founder and CEO Jimmy Fitness
"Thanks...your product rocks!! I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease while training for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon. These bars are awesome and really helped me add the much needed protein to my diet. Also, as a personal chef, I am usually cooking up a storm for other people but don't have time to eat myself! The irony of it all! I can just carry a bar with me and know I have a healthy meal alternative on the run. Thanks PureFit!"
Kristine Gilbert
"One of my clients is vegetarian, and therefore, had been challenged in getting enough protein to reach goals of losing weight without losing muscle. However, we just completed her 5-week body comp. test and confirmed that 100% of her weight loss was in the form of body fat. She says (and I know) she never could have gotten enough protein in her diet to maintain her lean body mass without her PureFit Bars. Thank you for being so conscious in creating such a clean, balanced nutrition bar that tastes great and addresses the specific dietary needs of so many...vegan, gluten free, wheat free AND diary free! P.S. Her favorite flavor was chocolate...now it's a toss up with Almond Berry Blast!"
Mickey Esparza
Body Tech Fitness Consulting
Goleta, CA
"My whole family loves these. My kids are 8 and 10! They eat them before they go to Tae Kwon Do and always want them for snack at school. Thanks for a great product."
Rebecca Petersen
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for supplying such a wonderful product. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I have been through several gluten free protein bars, all of which left a bad aftertaste and had undesirable textures to them. Through the power of the internet, I stumbled across your product and I couldn't have been more pleased. I must say, I was surprised as I expected the same negatives that I've received from other gluten free bars out there. Thank you for supplying a product that provides me with the protein and nutrition that I'm looking for, all while staying gluten free. Thanks!"
Jennifer Munger
Your new customer for life :)