Autoship Program – Earn Free Nutrition Bars

It is the least expensive way to purchase PureFit Bars. Not only will you receive the freshest, all natural high protein bar on the market, you are guaranteed to have bars every month by the 1st, or 15th, which ever is the most convenient. Best of all, your sixth consecutive order is FREE. That’s right; receive 2 free months of PureFit Bar every year!

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Here is how it works: Your can order 3 or more boxes of PureFit bars every month, on your sixth consecutive month we will send you a FREE order at NO CHARGE (except S&H).

All you need to do is choose the number of boxes, the flavors, and your arrival date of the 1st or 15th.

Call our toll free number today (866) PureFit (866-787-3348) or [email protected] and be on your way to better health.

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There is no obligation. You can cancel at anytime. All orders must be paid by credit card and any charges must be called in by 10 days prior to your arrival date. Additional items be added to any ASP order.