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"These bars simply deliver!  Energy, endurance, satiation!  I won the state time-trial championships and I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you for making a bar with just the right amount of protein, and nothing un-healthy!  PureFit, I’ve tried them all and you are simply the best."

Doyle Ridenour
Huntington Beach, CA

"I use PureFit bars as a vital nutrition supplement and feel they really help me out.  Thank you for support diabetic athletes, more specifically, Team Triabetes. Thanks again for all your support."

Casey Boren
Triabetes Captain

"Hope you are still around! I am living in the Serengeti in Tanzania now - and off to climb Mount Kenya again with some friends coming over. I forced them to bring me purefit bars and thought you should know. That's dedication!"

Laura Hartstone
Journalist.  Writer.  Outdoor Enthusiast. 

"Thanks for what you do to improve the quality of high performance foods!"

Kelly M. Laurel
HQDA, Office of the Surgeon General Congressional Affairs 

"I have wanted to email you lately, but have been tied up training late, and all those extra business commitments.  Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the bars are excellent!  I have not seen any bar yet that compares to how you make them.  I have researched just about every ingredient in there and I came to the conclusion that for once, someone actually cares about the health of person, versus just trying to make a quick buck.  I have zero tolerance for companies who claim to have the best of this or that, but still use unhealthy choices and charge huge money for them.  So, thanks for being that person who cares. I believe in your product as the Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, of Nutrition Bars."

Jim Young
Founder and CEO Jimmy Fitness


"Thanks...your product rocks!! I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease while training for the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon. These bars are awesome and really helped me add the much needed protein to my diet. Also, as a personal chef, I am usually cooking up a storm for other people but don't have time to eat myself! The irony of it all! I can just carry a bar with me and know I have a healthy meal alternative on the run. Thanks Purefit!

Kristine Gilbert


"You guys ROCK!!! Thanks for such a great gluten free bar!"

Heather Cline

"I wanted to share with you that I crushed my previous mark today at the Pacific Grove Triathlon...1:19...not bad for an alter kacker (52 in Nov.) I switched my pre-workout from PowerBar to four Pure Fit' varieties about six months ago...I immediately noticed fewer hunger pangs after workouts. I've been enjoying them...I rarely ever plug a product, but felt obliged to wear the PureFit hat during the race...I appreciate all the diligence and the incredible effort that goes into your products."

Eric J. Silverman
San Francisco    

"One of my clients is vegetarian, and therefore, had been challenged in getting enough protein to reach goals of losing weight without losing muscle. However, we just completed her 5-week body comp. test and confirmed that 100% of her weight loss was in the form of body fat. She says (and I know) she never could have gotten enough protein in her diet to maintain her lean body mass without her PureFit Bars. Thank you for being so conscious in creating such a clean, balanced nutrition bar that tastes great and addresses the specific dietary needs of so many...vegan, gluten free, wheat free AND diary free! P.S. Her favorite flavor was chocolate...now it's a toss up with Almond Berry Blast!"

Mickey Esparza, Co-Founder
Body Tech Fitness Consulting
Goleta, CA

"You are a legend.   Thanks also for the bars. Again, thank you so much for your customer service – it is brilliant."

Lee Cheney-Australia

"Great meeting you this weekend at the Twin Cities Marathon expo! Thanks for letting me, Nicole and Melissa eat all your samples! I like the PureFit bars I lot and especially LOVE the Almond crunch bar! I haven’t been diagnosed with celiac, but as of right now, my doctors do believe I have a gluten-intolerance, so these sit really well for me! I actually bought one and ate it race morning (don’t usually try new things before a race!) and it worked great—no stomach ache for me! Thank you for making such a delicious bar with the correct carbs: protein ratio that doesn't taste like cardboard!" 

Megan Lund
Aspen, CO

"My whole family loves these.  My kids are 8 and 10!  They eat them before they go to Tae Kwon Do and always want them for snack at school.  Thanks for a great product."

Rebecca Petersen 

"I am hooked on using your bars as a way to work through my busy work days at lunchtime. This was so successful I was recently promoted and moved to Europe. (Luxembourg) As I have celiac disease, it is not easy for me to find a replacement bar."

Jennifer Gabor


"Thanks so much for the bars, my son is Diabetic, he has Celiacs and is a very picky eater. I've share a couple of bars with him and we fight each other any time we're together when one of us wants one. Thanks for such a great product...PureFit has become a household staple!"

Triabetes Captain '09 Reid Stewart


"There is nothing on the market that beats “PureFit” It is an amazing product - keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to grow. As they say” the harder I worker the luckier I get”

Jules Aires

"I have inhaled all 4 boxes from the Diabetes camp (4 boxes a month should I worry?) and am in dire need to get my PureFit fix. I love the bars and they are really helping me get my daily nutritional needs. Plus I just have been feeling extra good lately and the only thing I can link it too is the Bars. I have one in the morning before my workout and one in the evening after my other workout. "

Casey Boren
Sponsorship Manager


"I've recently discovered your bars & I'm a big fan.  I discovered them at Cup A Joe in Raleigh NC.  I usually have at least one a day.  My favorite flavors (in order) are almond, chocolate & peanut butter.  As a mostly-vegetarian Celiac, I find them very helpful keeping my protein intake high enough especially when I'm not at home-- they're so convenient to pop in my purse in case nothing gluten-free is available.  And I really like the little crunchy bits! Just thought I'd let you know you've helped me out!"

Leah Palmer Preiss 

"Thank you for posting my review on your blog. Your company not only makes amazing protein bars but has also been a pleasure to work with. My husband and I bought every Pure Fit bar we could find at our local health food store. He is absolutely hooked on them. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!"

Stacy Lane

"Hello, I recently tried PureFit for the first time and I was thoroughly impressed with the taste and nutritional facts of your product. I think this is a great product even if you are not vegan, looking for gluten-free foods or lactose-intolerant. I would like to promote your product and try to get more fitness oriented businesses to carry your bars. I like everything I read about the company from its sponsorship of Best Friends Animal Society to it's strive to give people a substantially better bar than any other bar on the market. I weight lift five days a week heavily and think this a great product for that sector as well. If you would be interested in me helping your company to promote your product in my area, please feel free to contact me any day of the week at my email or phone number I provided. I live in El Paso, Texas and it is an increasingly active town and both your company and our townspeople would benefit greatly from a product such as yours. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this."

Jorge Marroquin

"Hello! Well, halleluiah, a bar that is GOOD for you!!!! :) A client gave be a PureFit bar to try, and today I ate it.....LOVE IT!!! It tastes GREAT, AND I LOVE THE INGREDIENTS!!! I have been an athlete all my life- track, weight lifting, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, marathoning, kayaking- and I've been a personal trainer for 11 years. That being said, I would love to know if you have a professional perks program that I could become involved in. I could pump up your product in a big way to sooooo many people! I am a nutrition freak, so your bar makes me HAPPY!!! And we all need to have things like this on hand! Today was actually a perfect example. I was starving because I ran later than I thought with clients, so I scarfed down a PureFit bar! AWESOME! I really hope you have some sort of savings program...my client also mentioned that your shipping charges are a bit high. Just wanted to mention that! God bless!"

Julie Sendrowski

"I have loved Purefit bars since I first read about them in Bicycling magazine—3-4 yrs ago.  They are my stand by for traveling gluten free. “Berry Bars” are always in my purse and car for emergency meals.   So first thank you for this “non-melting” meal in Iowa summers.  Second, I have tried to get our local Hy-Vee grocery store to carry Purefit bars.  It would save so much on shipping and I know that others would love for sports."

Jane Kirchner


"I was told that your bars were heat resistant and would not melt by a big fan of yours. I don't think anyone is in as good of a position to test that as I am. I am a bomb and IED disposal expert with Special Operations in Western Iraq. It gets about 130 degrees out here not to mention the considerable heat a person puts off while doing the work I do. Recently after performing some actions on a target I opened up a bar expecting to find the regular protein bar sludge. I was amazed it was still intact. Thank you for making a great product."

Matt McPreston


"I just wanted to let you know that we discovered your product recently via a friend who shops at Costco.  My family and I LOVE the bars!  Our favorite things about them are that they are GF, they have all natural ingredients, they are low-fat, they taste GREAT (all three kids like them!) and they don't melt in our purse/bags.  My daughter and I now ALWAYS carry one on our person and in the car for those instances where a celiac would sit and starve.  They have been a lifesaver many times.  Thank you!!"

Jessica Rhymes 


"I am writing to you to tell how much I am enjoying your Pure Fit Bars. As a Celiac who hikes, it was a challenge finding a high protein bar that was totally Gluten Free as well as being high in protein.  I found you searching through Google and well......  the rest is history. My local health food store is now carrying your bars too - at my request. The fact that they are in the healthy glycemic range, satisfy and never give you cravings for unwanted foods is unequaled. But the best point is that they taste so great - I love all four flavors! Just had to write to you to say a huge thank you."

Donna Larschan


"I know my colleague Donna Larschan just reached out to you.  I’m doing the same…  I just bough 10 boxes online after 2 sample packs. You’re bars are amazing!  I just harassed my local health food distributor, and have passed out some of my bars at my gym to my instructors. They keep me level all day which is terrific!  No jitters, no hunger pains, no stomach aches.  Congrats on the product.  I wish your company lots of success!"

Nicole D. Tricoukes


"I was given some of your PureFit bars through Elaine Monarch of the Celiac Disease Foundation and wanted to thank you for them and let you know they were excellent. I play arena football for a professional team here on the east coast and trying to find food before and after practices and games has been tough, but not anymore! Thanks again."

Craig Pinto
NJ Revolution

"Robb, After talking with you the other day in Irvine cycles, I bought the box of berry almond crunch... I must say, best money spent nutritionally in a long time! You were right about them not being sticky and having a good taste. I'm not impressed enough to buy you the bike we were talking about (if you remember) but I will only buy this bar from here out. I gave my last 4 power bars to my son! Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me about the bars; I would have never purchased them if you hadn't discussed it with me. As you mention, bars are a dime a dozen! Thanks again, and look forward to buying different flavors in the future. Take care!"

Kevin Doherty


"I spent 3 days last month, walking the aisles of ExpoWest in Anaheim. During that time, I sampled hundreds of products and spoke with an equal number of product representatives. Your PureFit Bars were the one product that I came away from Anaheim saying, "I have to incorporate this into my diet." For years as a highly competitive runner, I have followed a Zone diet regimen. Additionally, whenever possible, I try to avoid processed foods. This is not easy during 6am runs, prior to races, traveling via airports or when hiking Mt.Whitney. I rely on "bars" during these times. If there is a bar on the market... I have tried it. Some taste great, but are too low in protein (under 10g). Some have sufficient protein; but are loaded with preservatives, and/or taste like soy meal.  In the words of Goldilocks, your PureFit bars are "just right." Congratulations on a great product. Good luck in your efforts to get your message and your product to the masses. If you ever need any help in Northern California, by all means contact me."

David Kaminski


"These bars are ideal to maintain my tight glycemic control as they avoid the peaks/valleys during training and race days.  I just want you to know that I absolutely love these bars and will continue to support you and the company."

Julie Sekella


I love the samples you sent! The bars are very good."

Frankie Boyer
Radio Talk Show host 


"Thank you!!!  My daughter has Celiac Disease and these are the only protein bars that she likes and will eat!!!!  She is a Ballet Dancer and needs all the protein she can get.  So thank you again for making such a great product... and making it taste great!!"

From Rhonda Resnick
Tarzana, CA


I thought I’d send you a quick email to let you know I really like the new Granola Crunch flavor! We packed the goodie bags this week and I won’t lie, I stole a few of them J In fact, I’m eating one right now as I type I know the WSSC attendees are going to totally love them!"

Jennie Santos
Marketing Coordinator, Madd Dog Athletics


"Thank you for your consistent support of Celiac Disease Foundation Other companies frequently “cheapen” their ingredients once they build a client base, but PureFit remains in a class of it’s own, and we appreciate that. I brought your bars with me when I traveled to Okinawa a few years ago, as I wasn’t sure I could find gluten free food in airports. I sent a few cases to our troops in Afghanistan in 2009, they appreciated them.  PureFit bars are also a great “emergency rations” food for people to put in their “hurricane box”.

Trish Cyrs

"I would like to take the time to personally Thank You for your support with "Operation Gratitude" during the Holiday seasons.  We do not have much here at times, so we are very thankful that you would take the time and energy out of your busy day  and donate to OPN Gratitude.I just want to know your thoughts and donations are greatly appreciated from the soldiers in the field in Iraq. Thank you again for your time and thoughts for sending."

SFC Vince Battaglia
JFHQ (FWD) 107thc

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for supplying such a wonderful product.  I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I have been through several gluten free protein bars, all of which left a bad aftertaste and had undesirable textures to them. Through the power of the internet, I stumbled across your product and I couldn't have been more pleased.  I must say, I was surprised as I expected the same negatives that I've received from other gluten free bars out there.  Thank you for supplying a product that provides me with the protein and nutrition that I'm looking for, all while staying gluten free."
Jennifer Munger
Your new customer for life :)

"I was at the JCC ready for my massage last Friday and Melissa (World's Greatest masseur) asked if she could grab a bit to eat before my session since she hadn't eaten all day.  I, of course, said fine. An hour and a half later she completed one of the best massages I EVER had. I asked her what was in that meal she ate?  Here response was that she "only" had one of those great Purefit bars and that she LOVED them. Ahhh...ANOTHER ENDORSEMENT."
Jerry Neitlich

"We received our order and everyone LOVES the bars!!!  I'm having a hard time keeping them for the store, the grandkids and my daughter want to eat them all!!!!  I'm sure we'll be placing another order before we open, these won't last that long.  You really have a hit with that product, good job!"

Becky Page
Java Mama's Express

"Thanks for the picture of you and the pups.  It's nice to do business with doggie folks.  We have doxies (3), a yellow lab, a German shepherd, a bichon and a chihuahua.  Our daughter, Kim, and the 3 grandkids all live here with us.  We're just one big happy family on the hill.  I recently retired after 20 years with the County in Foster Care so I am excited to start this new adventure with the coffee shop."


"Won the brutally hot (+100 degrees) and hard xTerra Temecula du this past weekend during that heat spell. Look at that hat I wore to keep it cool.. Nice! Beat that 5th photo on high resolution would be pretty clear shot :) Your missing out on a great marketing/ad possibility here.... Think about it.. 20 year vegetarian (not even fish), races, wins events, still setting PRs in late 30’s, and main source of protein is..... your bar. Gotta love it. You could have me standing there.. Little race photos around and me saying.. “100% meat free” ;)"


"I tried (and bought) some of your bars at the Boston Marathon Expo. I am a big time protein bar eater, and I have never found one I loved as much as yours."


"I love your bars and am yet to find one I didn't enjoy or would not recommend! I eat them throughout my entire day and rely on them to give me the energy and nutrients I need. Any product with your brand's name on the label guarantees that it will replenish my body and keep me on the run! As a loyal customer, I wanted to know if you have any coupons, samples, or information that you could offer me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!"
Laura Cilento

"I recently traveled to southern California (stayed in La Jolla) for Ironman Oceanside. Upon arrival to the area I took my bike to Hi-Tech bikes for a bike build. While cruising the store shelves for CO2 cartridges & nutrition your product grabbed my attention. The packaging was clean, I liked the nutritional content (vegan, gluten free, low in fat, high in protein) so I bought one of each of three flavors (peanut butter crunch, almond crunch, & chocolate brownie) they had available. I was impressed with all three bars - I suppose peanut butter crunch is my favorite."
Brian Kirk

"We just received our shipment of bars last week and the entire household is enjoying them, much to my dismay! It seems my two daughters and I started on the chocolate brownie flavor first. As they needed space on the kitchen table to do their homework, they moved the shipping box with 5 full boxes and the open chocolate brownie box onto the floor. After dinner, we all went out to a movie, only to come home and find that our two black labs had helped themselves to four bars. Not wanting to share, we moved the remainder of the box onto the counter. All went well until today, when we came home to find that they had somehow found the boxes on the counter and had taken a full, completely sealed, box of the Berry Almond Crunch bars to the back yard and had somehow opened the plastic seal (I had to use scissors to get the plastic off the chocolate brownies) and consumed 10 bars! While the male (Max Barker) is my personal trainer and "running buddy", I have no intention of supplying him with Pure Fit bars!. What really frosts me is that I had just stopped to get dog food at Petco during my lunch hour. Have you considered making dog treats? We have now placed the remaining stash of bars inside the cupboards for safekeeping. Keep making them and we will keep eating them!"


"My son, who was diagnosed with celiac disease a few months ago, has been on a search for a gluten free energy bar, After tasting PureFit, he was quite happy to finally find one that really tastes good. 
Thanks for such a great product!"


"Just sitting here at work eating one of my Purefit bars.  This is seriously an addiction.  Is there a hot line I should be calling to get off of these things? I love the nutritional book you sent along.  I am going to map out an eating plan - I have been eating far too much over the winter - a primitive instinct I think my ancestors forgot to give up when we got heated homes and buildings. But any day now I will find an event to train for and get back on track!"

- Anonymous

"My name is Jessica Fasulo and I recently met some representatives from your company on December 2, 2007 at the Las Vegas Marathon Expo. Prior to attending the expo I had not heard of your product, but after purchasing a supply of your product, it has now become a part of my daily training regimen. The reason for this email is two fold, first I wanted to tell you that you now have a customer for life! "

Jessica Fasulo

"I spoke w/you briefly at the PF Chang's R & R Expo a few weeks ago.   I'm the gal from Long Beach that mentioned using Crank Sports e-gels, and that I would be doing Surf City on 2/3/08.  I bought 5 of your bars, and since then have had the opportunity to try them. I have to tell you honestly, I really enjoy your product!  You really pack a lot of nutritional support and great flavor into those bars!  I don't have any allergy concerns, but what a bonus if I did.  I really appreciate the UN-chalky texture, also.  I am a calorie-conscious runner, so I am grateful that something so yummy is only about 200 calories, and supplies me with mid-afternoon protein I need to get through the day.  I don't cycle yet (waiting for my youngest to start school), but I'm sure I will enjoy the portability "no-melt" claim then.  Right now I am using your product as a balanced mini-meal snack. I am stashing a Chocolate bar in my purse for "The Spirit of the Marathon" movie showing tonight and will share w/my running buddies. Will you be offering the same "BOGO" deal at the Surf City Expo?  I hope so.  I am saving part of my spending budget for my supply.  I'll take a box of each, please..."

Nadine Echeverry

"This is my third order, I keep giving the DVD's to friends because they have helped me so much. In my younger years, I was a internationally ranked slalom and jump water ski champion. Since, I have discovered a spondulo in my L5 and have had my C5 & C6 fused together. Two years ago at age 45 I came accross Triathlons. Tri training brought to the surface every pain, stiffness and then some. The training along with your program has helped me to be "Pain Free" for the first time in 30+ years. I thank you."

Joe Cornell

"I just wanted to give you some feedback, I received my trial pack about 2 weeks ago.  I will certainly be buying many more of your bars, they are positively excellent.  I am a physician (and 25+ year runner), and was diagnosed Celiac about 4 months ago. You'd never know how many different gluten free nutrition bars I've tried, looking for one with  high protein, some fiber, enriched with some vitamins and iron, low in saturated or trans fat, low in unpronouncable chemical ingredients,  that actually tastes GOOD.  You've got the formula!  So far I've tried the peanut and almond flavors, and I give them 5 stars (out of 5)!  In addition to making a great snack or meal supplement, I  carry them with me, since I often can't easily find gluten free food "on the run". 
Thanks for making a great product! 
K. Rosculet, M.D.

"PureFit bars are the greatest bars I've ever eaten.  they are sooo much better than all the other bars."


"I am a writing to say that I love your bars. I am an elite rower and I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 3 years ago. I have to eat something in the morning and I used to eat ClifBars. So after being diagnosed I was well sad. I spent 5 months trying of every gluten free bar on the market I decided yours were by far the best. I have been an avid user for 2 years now, I can not decide which flavor I like the best. I just wanted to give you a shot-out and say that I am a huge fan!"


"I am so happy to know that you support Best Friends Animal Society.  First of all, I love your bars (bought two cases at Rock and Roll Half in VA. Beach.  I am soooo happy that they are dairy free, so that we can eat them without GUILT!  BUT, to find out, on top of this, that you support such a worthy cause make my heart JUMP for joy!  It's rare to find a company who not only doesn't use animals products or test on animals, but who also gives to animal causes. I am so happy and will always buy your products!"

Karin Gander
English Teacher
Interagency Alternative Schools

"Hey!  I got your package in the mail yesterday-2 boxes of your Purefit nutrition bars.  I tried both the peanut butter crunch and the almond crunch (and shared with my husband).  They are both FABULOUS!  Thank you for creating these bars gluten free! I've tried so many, and these are by far the best. They are going to be a staple in my kitchen for snacks.  I can't wait to share them with the Celiac support group we have here in Birmingham.  Our next meeting will be in March.  I have no doubt that the group will love them!"

Janet Skotnicki

"First of all, THANK YOU for making something without all of those toxic ingredients in 99% of the other "nutritional" bars out there. I have such a hard time finding processed foods that I am willing to put in my body. The bars are DELICIOUS...not too sweet and just sweet enough."


"Being a chocoholic, I consumed the chocolate first. As I was eating I was reviewing its contents and each bite tasted better being reminded of your healthy ingredient choices. Having been physically disabled after fifty-five years of extraordinarily good healthy, physically very active living, I have become all the more health food conscious. I am now one year into Gluten Free existence and I am now feeling as if I have begun again to live. I have learned to cook and bake everything that I consume unless as with your product, I am fully assured that it is Gluten Free. This nutrition bar is mightily nutritious while being and extremely great treat. It far exceeds any and all the energy nutrition bars I consumed prior to my GF diagnosis. This bar tastes like real food unlike other GF foods that end up tasting worse than a damp, stale cardboard box. Thank you for your efforts and making available this product. I want to share your product with the wellness center / physical therapy staff where I have re-learned many of the basic physical functions of what used to be normal living. Thanks for taking the challenge and achieving a most exceptional production of product."
Ric Mathew

"I had a good experience with Purefit bars climbing a 14er last Tuesday.  It was Mt Belford at 14,197.  (Colorado NW of Buena Vista). A friend and I have made a pact to do one every year until we can't anymore.  That was #13 for me.  This time I packed three bars, 96 oz water, and a small PBJ sandwich to eat on top.  That's it.  I felt very good going up that steep monster .... 4650 ft gain in 3.5 miles.  The packaging is easy to open and retract as I go.  In the past I've used fig newtons, and taken all sorts of other things like GORP, and haven't been too satisfied.  Now, I'm convinced I have a winner.  The bars are somewhat dry, but that is a benefit because it makes me drink more water.  In fact I ran out near the bottom.  That is good.... I didn't have the usual aches and pains afterwards, and still felt energetic.  Good going with those bars!!  Below is a shot of "el Viejo" on top.  Excuse the gut.... I was trying to breathe and flex my "muscles" for the picture.... :)   Also, I was setting a dress trend letting my hiking pants bottoms sit on my boots.  (Actually, they wouldn't fit over my boots, and I wasn't gonna take them off).    I guess I wouldn't win a prize for my appearance..... but, so far, that hasn't bothered me .... ha!   Sara did the climb, too.  I also shared my Purefit bars with some others and got good comments."


"I found your product a few months back, ordered a trial pack and was convinced! Thank you for creating a real-food energy bar w/out added sugars & junk. I am a personal trainer here in Kingston, NY and I've been pushing management to give PureFit a try and I FINALLY got them to do it! I wanted to let you know that the PureFit bars have been selling very well in their first week on our shelves. I am glad to be able to support smaller companies that support real people, real lives, & real foods! And anytime I can use another product to prove that healthful doesn't mean "lawn clippings & twigs", I am happy to do it."
Michelle Connelly
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
NASM-certified Personal Trainer
Breathe Fitness, Kingston, NY

"I know I already expressed how pleased I am with the bars when we spoke on the phone, but I wanted to emphasize it in an email.  FINALLY!!  A bar that’s nutritious AND delicious!!  You wouldn’t believe how many bars I’ve tried in the past and was disappointed, especially since I had to go on a gluten free diet, when the choices are even more limited.  I refer a lot of people for things I believe in so I will be referring a LOT of people to try purefit.  I work in the Health Promotion & Education Dept here at Norman Regional; we, of course, are not allowed to endorse any products through the hospital, but I do have a lot of friends here; my boyfriend trains and participates in IronMan Triathlon events and so I know all of his training friends and the folks who own most of the health clubs here.  I shop at Dodson’s (our best health food store); I know the people who own OK Runner (sports shoes and goods).  So you see, I have lots of avenues for referral and I hope ALL of them try this awesome bar!! Thank you so much for developing such a great product!! I’m excited!!"

Gloria Moran, RN, BSN

"Thank you for the excellent service in taking my order.  The sample tasting of my three bars let me know you have a fine product.  Thank you for producing such a good and healthful Bar.   I will let you know how I do as It becomes part of my restricted food regimen both as a Celiac Sprue and a person in a daily exercise program.  I hope you will have your Web Site available soon."

Tom Zapatka.

"I tired a peanut butter crunch pure fit nutritional bar in my celiac group tonight and it was great. One of the better gluten free foods I've had so far."