Dear PureFit enthusiast,

PureFit regularly gives out free bars. Why are you paying for them?

With our referral program, PureFit will send you 4 FREE BOXES when you refer a store that results in them becoming a PureFit Retailer. It can be as simple as having the store manager call us or actually getting us into the store by being a supportive customer. Either way, we will do the rest. Minimum order for the retailer is only 6 boxes.

Additionally, PureFit will send you FREE BOX for any new customer you turn on to PureFit. Simply have them mention your name on their first order directly from us, and we will send you 1 FREE BOX on your next order.

We are not a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company, but we recognize your support.

Qualifying Retailers Include

Coffee Shops, Running Stores, Chiropractors, Doctors, Pilates Studios, Personal Trainers, Bike Stores, Pro Shops, Yoga Studios, Health Food Stores, Gyms, Massage Therapists