PureFit Licensing Opportunities

If you have an idea for a product to launch into the marketplace, and want a proven name that is synonymous with the utmost in quality, you should consider licensing the PureFit brand.  By partnering with PureFit Inc, you will have proven brand recognition.
As a successful and established company in the sports and health industry, known for its quality nutritional products and services, PureFit, Inc. protects and controls the use of its name, nicknames, and other identifying marks. Companies wishing to use these marks are required to enter into a nonexclusive trademark license agreement with PureFit, Inc.

PureFit, Inc. is the owner of U.S. trademark registrations for the PureFit® mark (Reg. No. 2,687,486) and the PureFit® design logo, (Registration Nos. 2,599,568), on the U.S. Principal Register. It also owns trademark applications pending in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
PureFit, Inc. requires usage of the ®  wherever used to identify its nutritional bars, the ™ designation for its trademarks used in connection with its clothing line, and the SM designation for its trademarks used in connection with its diet nutritional services.  All designs must first be approved by PureFit, Inc. before manufacture or distribution.  For more information about PureFit, Inc.'s licensing program, please email inquiries to info@purefit.com.