For Retailers

Dear Retailer,

Thank you for allowing me to introduce THE ORIGINAL 18g PROTEIN, GLUTEN-FREE, NON-DAIRY, VEGAN NUTRITION BAR. ™

PureFit nutrition bars are the #1 selling gluten-free nutrition bars.  We have been the category leader for almost over 11 years. That’s right, we created the category.  Additionally, our dairy-free bars are certified vegan and Pareve kosher, making them popular among consumers of all walks of life.  100’s of other bars have come and gone since we launched in November of 2001.  I don’t think it’s difficult to explain our continued success.  It’s our commitment to quality and customer service. 

When I started PureFit over 11 years ago, no other companies were making a nutrition bar like PureFit.  Now over ten years later, we’re still making cutting edge bars.  Our “so-called competition” that have come and gone have borrowed our ideas and technology in one way, shape or form.  One competitor even tried to knock our name off.  Regardless if you choose PureFit, or another brand, just know that when consumers think of quality and convenience, they think of PureFit.

PureFit bars offer a nutritious, high-quality bar that tastes great, but without all the additives and sugars of other so-called “nutrition bars.” The result: We introduced the first line of nutrition bars that contain no wheat, gluten, dairy, trans fats, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. And we didn’t sacrifice taste in the process.  Instead, we offer your shoppers a bar that fuels a tough workout or makes a healthy, between-meal snack.

If that’s enough of a reason to carry our bars, consider this:

  • Since 2001, positive reviews and recommendations of our bars have appeared in more than 100 magazines read by your shoppers. To this day, we actively pursue earned-media placements that drive shoppers into stores just like yours.
  • Each month, we introduce PureFit Bars to consumers at marathons and fitness expos all across the country — places where you probably won’t find most of our competitors.  We’ve found that one of the best ways to increase sales is to sample our bars wherever we can. In 2013 alone, we will attend many high-profile health and fitness expos, including nearly two-dozen major marathons.  We could steal a line from Bon Jovi because “I’ve seen a million faces and I rocked them all.  That’s right, conservative estimates would say we’ve introduced PureFit to well over 1 million consumers at just running events alone.
  • It’s called PureFit but it might as well be called “PureProfit” because that’s what we provide to retailers just like you. Unlike some nutrition bar companies, you won’t find our bars in deep-discount channels like Costco. Rather, we have a MAP policy that affords all PureFit retailers with an opportunity to sell through 100% of the inventory 100% of the time.
  • Never one to rest on our laurels (FYI: Bike magazine named us “Nutrition Bar of the Year”), we’re evolving, as evidenced by new and improved flavors we launched in 2013. 
  • Besides upholding our commitment to quality, we are consistently giving back to the community. We’ve donated more than 30,000 bars to celiac support groups and conferences, and over 20,000 bars to the U.S. troops.

When you offer PureFit Nutrition Bars to your customers, you offer them a nutritious, great-tasting bar they can feel good about. And you can feel good about offering a product from a company that is committed to quality, service and supporting its retailers. 


Robb Dorf
Founder and CEO