It seems to me that more and more nutrition bar companies are making the “gluten-free” claim.  It also appears that since there is no FDA regulation on this claim, that some manufacturers are making this claim without any proof that they are indeed “gluten-free.”

Here at PureFit , we take that claim pretty seriously.   Since it is arguable that PureFit was the first nutrition bar, mass marketed in the United States, that is truly gluten-free, we ask you one simple question.  Are the other bar companies willingly showing you their proof that their bars are truly gluten-free?  We do, in fact, we regularly test our bars, even though we don’t have to.   Here is a copy of our latest test results, showing what the industry commonly refers to as BLQ, meaning below the levels of detection.  If you are as committed to the gluten-free lifestyle as we are, make sure you are supporting companies that test their products, and are willing to share those test results.